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Driving Country Clubs Bring the Autobahn Close to Home

By Andy Mikonis,

CHICAGO — Do you have a fast car but nowhere to see what it will do? A driving country club
may be coming to a metropolitan area near you.
Think golf country club amenities, but with a racetrack instead of links. It’s a place close to home where members can go to exercise their cars and driving abilities in a safe environment, without worrying about speed traps. Most importantly, this is not professional racing, but rather somewhere to drive as fast as you like, as often as you like.

The idea has evolved over the last few years, with three clubs already open and with more on the way. Established clubs are attracting everyone from professional drivers and racecar builders to car enthusiasts. The only qualifications members need are a fast car, driving certification to be determined by the facility, and of course, you have to pay to play.

The key here is the club component, setting these businesses apart from the traditional racetrack venue by offering regular on-track driving opportunities without having to join a sanctioning body or wait for special events. This most often takes the form of a country club model, where members pay an initiation fee and annual dues for track access and use of a clubhouse and related facilities.

Check the Autobahn Country Club Group's site for more. 


What's the point of having a turbo high-performance car if you can't play with it in full throttle?  What's the point of having the ultimate driving machine if you can't have the ultimate driving experience?  This is where one can satisfy ones speeding appetite to the fullest.   "Private speedways" and  "Country Club for Car Guys" are some of the descriptions given to the Motorsports Clubs sprouting in different parts of the US today.  These membership-only clubs allow their members to fulfill the need for speed in their high-perfomance big-boy toys!  They get to push the throttle with gusto and enjoy the countryside roadways without worrying about getting zapped by a radar.

There are only a few of these exclusive motorsports clubs and road courses in the US, and another few being developed.  It is the goal of this site to provide information and links to these luxury facilities and help you fulfill your desire for high-octane fun. 

High-performance auto enthusiasts out there can send us information on other favorite adrenaline-satisfying speedster locations.

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Motorsports Club Venues

VIR Motorsport Country Club is located in 1200 pristine acres of rolling hills in Danville, Virginia.  The high-performance venue touts itself as a resort facility bwith southern hospitality and elegance.  Club members get to drive all four of the VIRginia International Raceway's four challenging road courses.  They have the historic 3.27-mile Full course; a fast 2.26-mile North course; a technical 1.64-mile South course; and a 4.2-mile Grand Course which is one of the longest racing road courses in America. Check out this members-only fast and fun racing club facility.

Motorsport Ranch prides itself as "the first of its kind-Country Club for motoring enthusiasts."  This 304 acre sports car country club is located in Cresson, Texas approximately 14 miles south of Fort Worth, Texas.  "The Ranch" has two courses winding roads with elevation changes, a 1.7 mile and a 1.3 mile race course, that allows its members to explore the full potential of their high-performance machines.

Autobahn Country Club  in Joliet is a 2 year-old raceclub outside Chicago that lets passionate motor enthusiasts spend quality time with their family, friends and their cars, in a country club setting.  This venue is undergoing major growth with additional resort-like facilities being added.  "Drive fast, be safe" is their slogan.  Find out why they are going through such rapid expansion.

See our list of Motorsports Club venues that are now operational at GoFastNow.

Coming Soon...

The Bluegrass Motorsports Club & Road Course is scheduled to break ground in Gallatin county, Kentucky in mid-October and open in summer 2008.  The over $16 million project will have a 3.38 mile road course in 515 acres of Kentucky rolling hills.  The country club is located only 25 miles from Cincinnati and conveniently close to more fast and fun entertainment - 4 miles from the Kentucky Speedway and 9 miles from the Belterra Casino.  This much anticipated venue will attract auto enthusiasts from the Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lexington and Louisville metropolitan areas.

Alpine Motorsports Club is a "membership-driven" private road course being planned in 360 acres of the Pocono foothills in eastern Pennsylvania.  It will be centrally located between New York City and Philadelphia being 75 miles from either the Big Apple or the City of Brotherly love.  The European-styled 4.2 miles of winding roads will allow its car lovers to appreciate the very reason why the have their high-performance machines.  The Alpine Motorsports Club intices "diving-freedom" as one seeks to quench that need for speed.

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